Iron part two

Iron and sterling silver.

Iron and sterling silver.


Här är ett matchande armband och örhängen till den föregående posten. Som jag kämpade… men lodet åkte iväg som på hal is åt fel håll, och sen seglade silverpärlorna iväg också, och i det glödheta skedet är min precision med platinastaven tyvärr inte den bästa. Men jag gillar dom ändå. Jag kunde göra hur många som helst, bara mina nerver inte blev så trasiga av spänningen, och så måste jag minska åtgången av silverlod, det blir så fult då jag måste fila bort klumparna.

Here is a matching bracelet and earrings to the previous post. How I struggled… but the solder slipped away like skates on ice, and then the silver beads went sailing after, and at that glowing hot stage my precision with the pick is unfortunately not the best. But I like them. I could do lots of them, if only my nerves weren’t so ragged by the excitement, and I have to start using less solder, filing away clumps turns out so ugly.

2 tankar om “Iron part two

  1. I totally get what you are saying about the fickleness of soldering. Cannot count the number of times my less than perfect use of the torch blew away the tiny pieces of solder or the silver balls rolled away. I do really love this sleek, modern design you are experimenting with! Love to see more!

    • Hi Lynda! Soldering is considered one of the hardest parts of metalsmithing, but involving iron turned out to take it to yet another level of fickleness! I thought I had it more or less figured out before with the silver — and going back to silver now feels like a walk in the park!
      Actually, I forgot to give creds for these pieces, and part of it goes to you 🙂 ! I got stuck into the Cold Feet Studio blog ( thanks to you, and started thinking along the lines of melted silver blobs… I’ve seen them before occasionally in other places, even made some, but there was a certain mass effect here… Thank you 🙂


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